ANSI/ASTM B899-2001 有色金属和合金术语


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ANSI/ASTM B899-2001
中文名称: 有色金属和合金术语
英文名称: Terminology Relating to Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys
版本: 标准状态: 现行
【H60】 国际标准分类
发布日期: 2001-01-01
实施日期: 页数:
适用范围: To promote precise understanding and interpretation of standard,reports, and other technical writings promulgated by Committee B02.To standardize the terminology used in these documents. To explainthe meanings of technical terms used within these documents forthose not conversant with them.
  ASTM B 899-2001  
  ANSI/ASTM B899-1999