ANSI/ASTM B860-2001 热浸镀锌用锌母合金规范


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ANSI/ASTM B860-2001
中文名称: 热浸镀锌用锌母合金规范
英文名称: Specification for Zinc Master Alloys for Use in Hot Dip Galvanizing
版本: 标准状态: 现行
【H62】 国际标准分类
发布日期: 2001-01-01
实施日期: 页数:
适用范围: This specification covers zinc master alloys which are used in hotdip galvanizing for the purpose of adjusting the concentration ofcertain alloying elements in the molten zinc bath. covers thechemical composition of these materials which include three masteralloys of zinc-aluminum (brightener) and one master alloy ofzinc-antimony. ASTM Common UNS Type A-1 90/10 Zn/Al ? High PurityZ30750 Type A-2 90/10 Zn/Al ? Low Purity Z31710 Type A-3 95/5 Zn/Al? High Purity Z30503 Type A-4 95/5 Zn/Al ? Low Purity Z31510 TypeS-1 90/10 Zn/Sb Z55710 .This standard does not purport to addressall of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It isthe responsibility of the user of this standard to become familiarwith all hazards including those identified in the appropriateMaterial Data Sheet for this product/material as provided by themanufacturer, to establish appropriate safety and health practices,and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior touse.
  ASTM B 860-2001