ANSI/ASTM B865-1996 沉淀硬化镍铜铝合金(UNS N05500)棒材、杆材、线材、锻件和锻坯规范


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 ANSI/ASTM B865-1996
中文名称: 沉淀硬化镍铜铝合金(UNS N05500)棒材、杆材、线材、锻件和锻坯规范
英文名称: Specification for Precipitation Hardening Nickel-Copper-AluminumAlloy (UNS N05500) Bar, Rod, Wire, Forgings, and Forging Stock
版本: 标准状态: 现行
【H62】 国际标准分类
发布日期: 1996-01-01
实施日期: 页数:
适用范围: This specification covers nickel-copper-aluminum alloy (UNS N05500)in the form of rounds, squares, hexagons, or rectangles, andforgings and forging stock, manufactured either by hot working orcold working, and cold-worked wire. The values stated in inch-poundunits are to be regarded as the standard. The values given inparentheses are for information only.
  ASTM B 865-1996