ANSI/ASTM B880-1998 镍、镍合金及钴合金化学检验分析限值一般要求规范


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ANSI/ASTM B880-1998
中文名称: 镍、镍合金及钴合金化学检验分析限值一般要求规范
英文名称: Specification for General Requirements for Chemical Check AnalysisLimits for Nickel, Nickel Alloys and Cobalt Alloys
版本: 标准状态: 现行
【H12】 国际标准分类
发布日期: 1998-01-01
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适用范围: This specification covers limits of variation for determiningacceptability of the chemical composition of cast or wroughtnickel, nickel alloy, and cobaly alloy parts and material, or both,supplied by a producer. Check analysis limits for elements or forranges of elements not currently listed herein shall be asspecified in the applicable material specification or as agreedupon by purchaser and supplier. In the case of conflictingrequirements , the requirements of the purchase order, theindividual material specification, and this general specificationshall prevail in the sequence named. When specifically referencedin the material specification, the buyer may elect to apply checkanalysis limits to determine acceptability at his final acceptanceor verification procedures. Check analysis limits are not permittedor are to be used by the producer for their own ladle or ingotanalysis acceptance testing.
  ASTM B 880-1998