BS ISO 20805-2005 冷成形用具有改进可成形性和加厚厚度的较高屈服强度的成卷热轧薄板钢材


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BS ISO 20805-2005
中文名称: 冷成形用具有改进可成形性和加厚厚度的较高屈服强度的成卷热轧薄板钢材
英文名称: Hot-rolled sheet steel in coils of higher yield strength withimproved formability and heavy thickness for cold forming
版本: 标准状态: 现行
【H46】 国际标准分类
发布日期: 2005-02-16
实施日期: 2005-02-16 页数: 16
适用范围: ISO 20805:2005 applies to continuous hot-rolled steel sheet ofhigher yield strength with improved formability. The steel iskilled, made according to a fine-grain practice and has a suitablechemical composition, which shall include microalloying elements,to provide improved formability. The steel may be treated toachieve inclusion control. The product is intended for applicationswhere parts are to be fabricated requiring better formability thanis provided by normal high-yield-strength steel sheet. It isgenerally used in the as-delivered condition. This product iscommonly produced on a wide strip mill. 

This product is commonly produced in the range of thicknessesgreater than 6 mm to 25 mm, and widths of 600 mm and over, incoils. 
  ISO 20805-2005  冷加工用改进可成形性和特厚较高屈服强度的热轧薄钢板卷材
  04/30110491 DC-2004